• In All the World,

    Only One You ~



    Say YES to YOU

    your life, your dreams


    who you really are!

    ~ Christiane Schull



    "When you follow your bliss...

    doors will open for you

    that would not have opened

    for anyone else."

    ~ Joseph Campbell


    What is the dream of your heart?

    The purpose you came to fulfill? The message you are here to deliver? The original path you are here to walk?


    I am here to say it is in your heart for a reason. It is real and deep and true.


    Your dream is God's dream for you - the Divine spark within -calling you to your own unique expression in the world - to the you you are here to become; to who you really are.


    Like a butterfly rising from its cocoon, your dreams will cause you to reach, to grow, to overcome - to shed the old

    so that the new can be born.




    I am an intuitive life coach, breath-work practitioner, writer, mystic, storyteller, communicator, and author.


    At the heart of my work is a passion for supporting men and women to come alive to life, transform fear, doubt and limiting beliefs, speak their truth, see themselves in a new Light & say Yes to their dreams and to who they really are.


    I offer customized coaching and breath sessions and facilitate dynamic experiential circles.



    ~ Christiane Schull


  • Expect to be delighted!

    ~ Christiane Schull






    intro to breathwork

    feel more clarity, joy, peace, well-being

    75 min


    Empower Mind & Heart

    10-week breath & self-awareness series

    Offers comprehensive support,

    self-discovery and empowerment




    Intuitive Life Coaching

    See yourself in a new Light

    Say Yes to your dreams & to who you really are

    1 hr session

    3 month package


    I offer a free coaching hour to all new clients -


    Breathe ~


    Breath is Life


    Breath is life, clarity, vitality, joy, movement, flow.

    It is a tool for awakening, purification

    and renewal of mind, body and spirit.


    How it works:


    At a physical level, breath oxygenates the blood, energizes and stimulates the body’s natural ability to cleanse and purify itself of toxins, ultimately, enhancing your overall health and vitality.


    At a spiritual, mental and emotional level, breath renews the mind, purifies the emotional body, elevates your energy and nourishes your spirit.


    It is a powerful way to give yourself and your life a fresh start -- embodying new awareness, opening mind and heart to more love, joy, peace, clarity, gratitude, and vitality - and to your capacity as a conscious creator to have, do and be what you love.


    Christiane Schull is a Certified Breathwork practitioner working with clients since 1990.




  • Testimonials

    What people say



    The reasons I can recommend Christiane Schull are these: Her intuition is so sharp that she can easily get you out of coagulated thought patterns. She takes you to the realm of what is true very quickly and she can turn you around fast! She knows how to take you to the next level of your evolution in your process. She will leave you superior to your previous self!” Sondra Ray, author, pioneer of Rebirthing. www.sondraray.com

    Nashville, TN



    “This work is so profound, it’s hard to describe in words how my life has changed. I’ve known for years what my issues were, but could not access the deep-seated root cause of those issues by discussing it with a therapist. Time after time, I was in awe of how quickly the underlying feelings of any given issue were located by the breath and brought to the surface for understanding and release. Afterward, I was left with a sense of joy and peace that I have rarely experienced outside of breath-work....


    There’s no doubt in my mind that while breath-work was the answer for me, I would not have achieved such impressive and rapid success without Christiane. It was her kind and compassionate listening that was instrumental in helping me let go of what had been locked up, deep inside, for decades.


    In a nutshell the benefits of this work are these: I can now speak my truth much more easily, where before, there was a force inside causing me to hold back what needed to be said…. I feel a general sense of well-being and safety that I did not feel before. I now have the foundation for cultivating a relationship of trust and partnership with the Universe (God). Consequently, I feel more loving and accepting toward myself, which is reflected in my day-to-day experiences, as I now know that I am just as worthy as anyone else on the planet. Now the fun can begin!”


    C.F. Los Angeles, CA



    Earlier this year I began an amazing series of breathwork sessions with Christiane Schull.


    I can truly say that I have never experienced such a sense of inner peace, serenity and knowing in my life. I doubt that many people have reached such levels of joy and bliss, even for a moment....Breathwork allowed me to 'stand up inside myself' and appreciate the beauty and power of an open heart."


    Robert Robotti


    SCI Properties Inc.

  • Forgive

    Open Mind & Heart





    The practice of forgiveness brings greater peace, love, joy healing, freedom to your life and all relationships ~




    Prayer Of Freedom


    God, For Me, My Family And All Humanity Throughout All Time, Past, Present And Future Please Help Us Forgive All People
    Help All People Forgive Us

    And Help Us All Forgive Ourselves Please God, Thank You God, Amen

    Help Us All Love Each Other
    And Love Ourselves
    Be At Peace With Each Other
    And Be At Peace With Ourselves Please God, Thank You God, Amen

    God, We Give You Our Love And Thank You For Your Constant Love And Blessings
    We Appreciate And Respect All Your Creations And We Fill All Your Creations With Our Love

    God, We Give You Our Love And Thank You For Your Constant Love And Blessings
    We Appreciate And Respect All Your Creations And We Fill All Your Creations With Our Love

    God, Please Open, Bless, Empower, Expand Lead, Guide, Direct And Protect
    Me, My Family And All Humanity Throughout All Time

    Now And Forever
    Please God, Thank You God, Amen Thank You God, Amen

  • See yourself in a new Light


    Christiane Schull


    Christiane Schull is an encourager, catalyst, seeker, life, breath and intuitive coach, mystic, writer, communicator.


    Born in London England, raised just outside Montreal, Quebec, she began her professional career as a writer in print journalism, documentary television and advertising.


    She was guided to breath-work in her quest for personal development and became a Certified practitioner in 1990.


    She has facilitated dynamic group coaching & breath circles since 2000 and is the author of What You Speak Is Seeking You, a book about cultivating greater love, appreciation and gratitude, the highest vibrations in the universe.


    She has experience as a ghostwriter - writing for clients in martial arts, psychology and the healing arts.


    In 2010, she was invited to the 4th International Poetry Festival in Paris, France, with poets from around the world.


    She became a Certified Life Coach via the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching -iPEC's accredited coach training program in 2014.



  • Empower

    mind & heart

    Say Yes to your dreams & to who you really are! ~ Christiane Schull